Olive Leaf And Diabetes


The diabetic (and pre-diabetic) state of chronic blood sugar elevation imposes substantial oxidative stress throughout the body, triggering inflammation and tissue damage that rapidly accelerates aging. Treatments for diabetes have two main goals: 1) lowering blood glucose to normal levels and 2) limiting the damage done by the inevitable blood sugar spikes that still occur.

Olive leaf extracts have shown benefit in both ways of regulating blood sugar levels.


Firstly they slow the digestion of starches into simple sugars leads to slow the absorption from the intestines.


Secondly increase the uptake of glucose into the tissues from the blood.


 They also increase levels of other natural antioxidant systems in the body, broadening the degree of protection.


A study done on diabetic animals revealed that the olive leaf extract was more effective in maintaining optimal blood glucose levels as compared to the contemporary anti diabetic medicine.


Therefore proving that the olive leaf extract has superior antidiabetic effects than those of the drugs.


Human studies reveal that supplementing with 500 mg of olive leaf extract once daily resulted in significant reductions in hemoglobin A1c levels, the standard marker of long-term exposure to elevated blood sugar in diabetic people.


Supplementation also lowered fasting plasma insulin levels, an important point because chronic insulin elevations may contribute to diabetics’ higher cancer risks.